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SPIN-Farming: advancing urban agriculture from pipe dream to populist movement

Photo by Martin Barrett, City Garden Farms, Dan Bravin, here using a seeder, farms about a dozen backyard lots in Portland, Oregon, using an approach referred to as SPIN Farming.

Roxanne Christensen
Fall 2007
Sustainability: Science, Practice, & Policy Volume 3 Issue 2
Co-author, SPIN-Farming, an online learning series on subacre farming

Author’s Personal Statement

I began advocating for urban agriculture in Philadelphia in 1998. What appealed to me is what draws many people to the cause: its social and environmental benefits are obvious and easy to understand. But it quickly became apparent that, compelling though they are, these benefits were not enough to motivate policy makers in a position to help urban agriculture succeed on any kind of scale. Instead, the economic benefits that many proponents had long acknowledged in theory, but few were able to demonstrate, had to be proven. SPIN-Farming is a very powerful tool for validating the economic viability of urban agriculture.

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December 30, 2009   1 Comment