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New Orleans’ community gardens

Wise Words Community Garden – Mid-City grows another urban farm

By Alex Woodward
Best of New Orleans
Jan. 22, 2010

Allison Pressimone and Allie George, students from St. Mary’s College of Maryland, are only in town for a few days but Joseph Brock is making sure they get their hands dirty.

The volunteers, part of a dozen on a service trip to New Orleans through HandsOn, are tilling soil and setting up tomato supports on the raised beds at the Wise Words Community Garden. Other volunteers are busy planting herbs and spreading fertilizer.

“If you build it, they will come,” says Brock, the Mid-City Community Garden executive director.

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Making Urban Farming Scalable With Fish


Why aquaponics may be the future of urban farming, and one solution to our local food problem.

Adam Starr
January 12, 2010


Cityscape hopes to launch its first farm in the first half of 2010. Their aquaponic greenhouses would be built in vacant lots and on rooftops. To start out, they are considering sites in San Francisco’s sunnier southern and eastern zones to capture plentiful solar energy. To monetize, Cityscape will serve as a wholesaler to local distributors and restaurants as well as operate a weekly farmers market. Yohay says there is interest from Bay Area restaurants enthusiastic about hyper-local and organic produce like strawberries and tomatoes being produced even in the off-season. That’s another advantage of hydroponic farming: the changing temperatures and seasons do not limit the indoor growing cycles.

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Proposal to study urban farming in Ethiopia

ethiopiaEthiopia. Photo by treesftf. See larger image here.

By Menberu Kitila
Ethiopia, Jimma – University

Currently I am working as the head of the environmental protection and urban agriculture office in Jimma city in Ethiopia. Jimma city is 350 km. from the capital city of the country (Addis Ababa).

Also, I am a student(Msc.) of Horticulture (vegetable crop production) in Jimma University College of Agriculture and Veterinary Medicine (JUCAVM).
My thesis research also deals with the UA activities (specifically tomato production) in the Jimma area.

Jimma city is one of the biggest cities found in the country and, more than 200,000 people are living here. It is the place where Coffee Arabica originated.

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Dutch group looks at metropolitan agriculture

Excerpts from the Metropolitan Agriculture website:

What is metropolitan agriculture?

Many farmers perceive the city as a threat to agriculture. The encroachment of urbanisation places pressure on farmland, while the great concentration of people in activities leads to stiff competition for water, nutrients and energy. In addition large groups of urban consumers are becoming ever more demanding about their food and the way in which it is produced. Equally, many urban dwellers have a romanticised idea of agriculture that no longer squares with present-day reality. The concern over animal diseases and environmentally-polluting activities means that many urban dwellers would prefer to see the exclusion of agricultural activities from their metropolitan environment.

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