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Urban Cowboy


Denver Urban Homesteading

Sara Rubin
The Atlantic Magazine
May 21 2010


In this era of farmers’ markets and slow food, city dwellers are turning to the Internet to learn about old-timey self-reliance–how to butcher chickens, milk goats, or dye fabrics. But a new re-skilling center, Denver Urban Homesteading, offers hands-on classes on topics from cooking to fish farming. The center also provides heirloom seeds, chicken coops, and mini-greenhouses and sells its own canned and dried goods at a year-round market. James Bertini, founder of Denver Urban Homesteading, spoke with The Atlantic about how big city folk can live off the land.

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Photos of Urban Farming in Anyang, South Korea



Photos posted by Mauricio on May 21, 2010

Anyang is a city in Gyeonggi Province, South Korea. It is located approximately 25 km south of Seoul

As with most towns and cities in South Korea, Anyang has experienced tremendous urban growth during the past few decades. Ten years after the Korean War ended, the area’s population was still largely rural and its landscape agricultural. It was well known for it’s grape growing and today the city mascot is a grape figure known as ‘Podong-i’.

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