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The Future Kitchen is Urban Homesteading


KasKast by Marije van der Park is a cabinet for edible plants to grow. Made from scrap steel, glass from old greenhouses and a piece of used oak, the cabinet displays the art of cultivation.

Design and city farming

By Snoop
Jan 21, 2011


Designers are becoming fascinated with urban farming and developing products including ‘Cultivation Cabinets’ – a cupboard in which young edible plants can be grown – such as the one by Bureau Marije van der Park and Maarten Kolk & Guss Kusters. By placing the process of growth into an interior product designers are encouraging us to bring vegetation back into our daily life.

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How to Grow Food in Your Polytunnel


By Andy McKee and Mark Gatter
Green Books
October 22, 2010

Are you using your polytunnel to its full potential? If so, not only will it provide you with tomatoes and cucumbers in the summer, but you’ll also be harvesting fresh crops all year round, even when the ground outside is frozen. You could be harvesting sweet potatoes and late celery in November; winter radish, baby carrots and celeriac in early February; and salads leaves right through the winter. Even in the ‘hungry gap’ you’ll have a choice of new potatoes, pak choi, broad beans, peas, tender cabbages, cauliflower, beetroot and more.

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