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Bangladesh survey – Urban Agriculture Planning or Rural Agriculture Planning


Treadle pumps have enabled more than 1.5 million Bangladeshi farmers grow marketable produce. Photo by Ecoagriculture Partners.

Public comments on the subject using Facebook

By Iqbal Hossain Shimul
January 24, 2011

“Iqbal Hossain Shimul from Bangladesh has opened up a 10 day online public comments survey via Facebook 21-31 January 2011. The surver focuses on whether urban agriculture planning or rural agriculture planning is best for a country. After 3 days, the feedback generated clearly shows most are of the opinion that both are equally important, but rural agriculture planning is most important because of the space afforded. This is an important dialogue at a time in our globally collected lives where we are all looking for information on how to save money, but also live sustainable lives.”

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January 24, 2011   1 Comment