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Wedding planners planned Vancouver Urban Farming event

Photographic art pieces and arrangements of locally-grown vegetables and herbs provided an extra sensory experience.

‘All & Sundry’ collaborated with the Vancouver Urban Farming Society for their latest urban farmers gathering.

Excerpt from their site:

The 2012 Vancouver Urban Farming Forum, held at the sustainability and creativity co-working space the HiVE, was centred around local urban farmers who wished to share data about their work and discuss subjects relevant to the farmers themselves.

All & Sundry created the large black-and-white photographic art pieces, signage, activity booklet cover pages, and table centrepieces for the 2012 Forum. With the theme of local food and sustainability at the forefront of such an event, the art pieces and accompanying signage were made-to-assemble so that they could be easily stored and reused for future events. An assortment of locally-grown herbs (rosemary, lavender, sage, Italian parsley) and two types of kale and chard were used for the table centrepieces to provide that extra sensory experience—the visual piece of seeing what can be grown most anywhere in the city as well as the lovely scent of fresh herbs—and as gifts for the event volunteers.

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Pay Dirt: How To Make $10,000 a Year From Your Backyard Garden


“In one season, we sold over $14,000 worth of plants.”

By John Tullock


Could you use an extra $10,000 next year? Do you live in a house with some land around it? If the answer to both questions is “Yes!” you should consider joining the burgeoning “suburban microfarm” movement. Like so much else associated with food, soil and life, the movement has its roots, if you will pardon the pun, in California.

But as a Wall Street Journal article – highlighting a successful suburban farm in Colorado – makes clear, this new type of agriculture is not just for California any more.

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Kin Park Urban Farm: region’s first-ever urban farm and greenhouse proposed for Duncan, BC

Our team consists of six youth committed to changing the face of food in the region

We see Kinsmen Park becoming an ideal place for community gathering. Our goal is to create a youth-run farm social enterprise that contributes to a safe and positive atmosphere, beautifies the neighbourhood, and provides jobs for youth in the Cowichan Region. We already have an educational space for all members of our community to learn the skills necessary to take food production, preservation, and nutrition into their own hands. To build on this, we would like to create a demonstration site where we can explore the potentials of urban agriculture, while respecting and contributing to the space as a community park.

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