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Boston Microgreens

Left to right: Matt Alto and Oliver Homberg, the co-founders of Boston Microgreens. Photo by Matthew Modoono/Northeastern University

They’re looking for a bigger space to grow microgreens and hope to partner with local elementary schools to bring kids into their outdoor gardens.

By Molly Callahan
Northeastern News
July 19, 2018


Oliver Homberg and Matt Alto, two recent graduates of Northeastern, founded Boston Microgreens six months ago with little farming experience. But now they’re selling tray upon tray of tender leafy greens to home cooks and chefs from 30 Boston restaurants, including Uni, O Ya, Ostra, and Sorellina.

“Basically we just started growing stuff for ourselves, and then we got obsessed,” said Homberg, who studied international affairs and sustainable development at Northeastern. “We learned everything we know from videos on YouTube.”

The young entrepreneurs keep two hobby gardens that are bursting with corn, kale, carrots, melons, edible Borage flowers, summer squash, Bibb lettuce, purple Kohlrabi, zucchini, pickling cucumbers, and raspberries, which Alto picked as a kid.

But it’s microgreens—which can be used to add depth to a salad, crunch to a sandwich, or flavor to a dish—that are their specialty.

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