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Canada: Drawn into the Garden – a book and short documentary

Book by Helen Stewart

Tudor House Press, Victoria
Printed: 2020

A plea for the celebration of gardens and the wonders and wisdom of nature, this work is a spiritual and artistic meditation describing the creation of a garden, its seasons in a time of changing climate, and the importance of life-giving soil and water. It speaks of favoured individual plants (from dandelions to roses), children’s literature, farm gardens to white gardens, bees and butterflies.

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The First-time Gardener: Growing Vegetables

Forthcoming: All the know-how and encouragement you need to grow – and fall in love with! – your brand new food garden

By Jessica Sowards
Cool Springs Press
February 2, 2021

Planting your first vegetable garden can be intimidating; it’s tough to know where to start. Before you sink your hands into the soil, you want answers to all of those questions rolling around inside your head. In The First-Time Gardener’s Guide to Growing Vegetables, you’ll find the answers you’re looking for.

Where do I put my new garden?
How do I prepare the soil?
What vegetables should I plant?
Is it better to start new plants from seed or should I buy transplants?
What about watering, feeding, and taking care of my garden?
What do I do if bugs show up?

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Growing Under Cover

Techniques for a More Productive, Weather-Resistant, Pest-Free Vegetable Garden

By Niki Jabbour
Storey Publishing, LLC
December 22, 2020

Increasingly unpredictable weather patterns and pest infestations are challenging today’s vegetable gardeners. But best-selling author Niki Jabbour has a solution: Growing Under Cover. In this in-depth guide, Jabbour shows how to use small solutions like cloches, row covers, shade cloth, cold frames, and hoophouses, as well as larger protective structures like greenhouses and polytunnels, to create controlled growing spaces for vegetables to thrive.

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Cocktails, Mocktails, and Garnishes from the Garden

Forthcoming: Recipes for Beautiful Beverages with a Botanical Twist (Unique Craft Cocktails)

By Katie Stryjewski
Yellow Pear Press
February 16, 2021

Step inside a bartender’s apothecary, forage for garnishes, and craft some of the most popular cocktails, mocktails, and beverages. This beautifully photographed compendium of craft cocktails includes examples of garnishes and interesting ingredients to give any drink a botanical twist.

The go-to reference for classic and modern cocktail recipes. Whether it’s adding a basil sprig or infusing gin with peaches; Cocktails, Mocktails and Garnishes from the Garden gives readers the ability to make classic cocktails and the confidence to craft innovative concoctions. Alongside recipes of some of the most popular cocktails come new-fangled libations, non-alcoholic equivalents, and instructions to create gorgeous garnishes.

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Fresh from the Garden: An Organic Guide to Growing Vegetables, Berries, and Herbs in Cold

The information and advice in Fresh from the Garden will enrich the experience of cold climate gardeners.

By John Whitman
Univ Of Minnesota Press
Illustrated edition (Jan. 10 2017)

To get the tastiest, most nutritious produce, you have to grow your own, and in a cold climate this presents unique challenges. Fresh from the Garden will help you extend the growing season to produce the best vegetables, berries, and herbs, right in your own backyard. The guide includes more than 150 edible plants and helps you decide which varieties to choose; where and how to plant, tend, and harvest them; and what to do with your bounty. Fresh from the Garden is a clear, concise guide, with nutrition information tables and hundreds of helpful color photographs.

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Follow the Flock – How Sheep Shaped Human Civilization

Forthcoming March 2, 2021

By Sally Coulthard
Pegasus Books
March 2, 2021

An addictively free-ranging survey of the massive impact that the humble and loveable sheep have had on human history.

From the plains of ancient Mesopotamia to the rolling hills of medieval England to the vast sheep farms of modern-day Australia, the domesticated ungulates of the genus Ovis—sheep—have been central to the human story.

Starting with our Neolithic ancestors’ first forays into sheep-rearing nearly 10,000 years ago, these remarkable animals have fed us, clothed us, changed our diet and languages, helped us to win wars, decorated our homes, and financed the conquest of large swathes of the earth. Enormous fortunes and new, society-changing industries have been made from the fleeces of sheep, and cities shaped by shepherds’ markets and meat trading.

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The Healing Garden: Herbs for Health and Wellness

The Healing Garden is grounded in respect for the interconnectedness of all living beings and is an eloquent plea for spiritual awareness and the wholeness of individuals, communities, and our planet.

Forthcoming March 30, 2021

By Deb Soule (Author), Molly Haley (Photographer)
Princeton Architectural Press

In The Healing Garden, Deb Soule, founder of Avena Botanicals, offers an inspiring guide to herb gardening and crafting herbal remedies that promote wellness of spirit and body. Soule combines her passion for plants, gardens, and healing with her extensive experience working with medicinal herbs, flowers, roots, and berries.

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