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Horticultural therapy growing into a key program at Medical University of South Carolina’s Urban Farm

MUSC’s horticultural therapy will be an important part of patient care at the Children’s Hospital when the time is right, McMillion said.

By Parker Milner
Charleston City Paper
Jan 5, 2021


The Medical University of South Carolina’s Urban Farm’s horticultural therapy services are enhancing an intensive treatment program for local children with behavioral challenges, helping kids ages 6-17 stay active outdoors with garden-based projects.

“That’s been amazing for them,” said Rebecca Daffron, clinical coordinator for MUSC’s STAR Children’s Day Treatment Program, which aims to stabilize, treat, assess and reintegrate children and adolescents. “Fresh air for everyone is therapeutic, but then there’s also the grounding techniques and being able to grow something outside.”

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Finding common ground at the FPC High School Garden in Florida

“Experimenting with sustainable food growing methods will also provide our students with a deeper understanding of why water and natural resource conservation is so important in ensuring a healthy and happy future.”

By Mimi Vreeland, MLA, Horticulture Extension Agent
News Journal
Dev 23, 2020

This article is Part Three of a 3-part series on community gardens.


An under-utilized area of Flagler Palm Coast High School’s property is being given a new purpose. What had been a grassy field is now being transformed into a bountiful food garden, thanks to a couple of dedicated individuals. Andrew Medearis, a science teacher at the high school, and Jordan Butler, Director of the Flagler County Youth Center, worked hard together to make the garden a reality and a long-lasting opportunity for Flagler County’s teenagers to learn about growing food sustainably.

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Merry Christmas from City Farmer!

Our Garden Gate Lights

We have two gates both created by Vancouver metal artist, Davidee Pan. This one fronts the Arbutus Greenway. Decorative lights were added by staff Maria Keating and Maddie Greenwood, with help from volunteers Vivian, Ben and Daniel.

Wreath created by Maria Keating from our garden wisteria, cedar, Bay leaves and orange peels.

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Greenies Urban Farm to donate 1,000 pounds of healthy superfoods to San Antonio families

Greenies’ 10-acre tract has been transformed into a greenspace that will eventually include demonstration and teaching gardens, an outdoor classroom and kitchen, a 300-person event center, and a farmer’s market

By Nina Rangel
San Antonio Current
Dec 17, 2020


Two months after planting its inaugural crops, Bexar County’s Greenies Urban Farm will distribute its first harvest of superfoods to low income San Antonio families on Friday.

“It’s the right time to get the ‘food is medicine’ message out as vitamin deficiencies lead to … hospital beds taken during the COVID [pandemic] and flu season,” Precinct 4 County Commissioner Tommy Calvert said in a release.

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Dutch Scale-Up PlantLab Launches First Production Site In USA

Annual harvest of 420,000 kilos for Indianapolis residents.

PlantLab has a dedicated R&D center in Den Bosch (the Netherlands), the largest such center in the world for vertical farming

Den Bosch (The Netherlands), December 7 2020 – PlantLab, the Dutch indoor farming pioneer, has opened a new production site in Indianapolis (Indiana). This first-ever ‘Plant Paradise’ in the United States is growing vegetables for the local population at a site that was previously unthinkable – a former battery factory near the city center.

In Indianapolis, PlantLab has entered into a joint venture with Englewood Community Development Corporation, which works to promote the sustainable development of urban corridors. The fresh vegetables are being marketed under the brand name ‘Uplift, good food for purpose’.

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India: Urban Agriculture

Indian is blessed in one way……we don’t import food from outside, unlike Gulf countries where the population depends entirely on food imports.

By D Chandrasekharam
Times of India
Dec 7, 2020


UA As the name implies, farming within the urban area. With a growing population, the land-use pattern is compelling the population to adopt this method for food security. The sustainability of UA is through the network within communities. During the past year, during the COVID period, UA has increased its importance. Besides vegetables, the domain is expanding to bee-keeping and horticulture as well. In mega-cities like Mumbai UA is creeping into peri-urban areas also. Nearly 30% of the urban population is engaged in UA activity who are actively involved in the food for sale business.

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Israeli supermarket employs vertical farm start-up for selling produce

A Vertical Field “Urban Farm” uses BIOLED eco-lighting technology to grow produce for a Rami Levy supermarket in Bnei Brak.

The new technologies eliminate the need to rely on outdoor growers and suppliers while also providing a fresher, more eco-friendly product which needs much less water and land to grow.

By Idan Zonshine
The Jerusalem Post
November 24, 2020


Rami Levy, one of Israel’s largest supermarket chains, has been cooperating with two Israeli agri-tech start-ups to erect large containers to grow fruit and vegetables, which will be sold in the chain’s stores.

Vertical Field, a Ra’anana based agri-tech start-up which creates vertical, urban farms using geoponic technology, agricultural expertise and smart design, teamed up with BIOLED, a Tzuba-based eco-lighting start-up that uses LED lights to create more sustainable, profitable crops in order to erect the growing containers.

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