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A Leading NYC Mayoral Candidate Thinks Roof Farms Can Save America’s Cities

Brooklyn Borough President Eric Adams distributing food Photo by Andrew Lichtenstein.

“We can repurpose these rooftops to ensure that we can grow our food. We’re going to take trucks off the road.”

By Amanda Kludt
Jan 14, 2021


Why not say, “Let’s turn to food.” And by growing the food using rooftops, using classrooms, using empty factory spaces, the person who invents and expands this system now will have enough money to leverage long contracts. So if I go to the companies and state that, “Hey, I’m going to give you a five year guarantee contract that you’re going to grow the vegetables and some of the fruits that you’re about to provide to our school system,” you now can leverage that to go into the science and to expand. What do we do in the process? You’re going to teach my young children a nutritionally-based education so they can learn this multibillion dollar industry of urban farming.

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Pakistan: Citizen plants roof garden to beat inflation

Punjab Agriculture Dept recently launched a kitchen gardening project

By Asif Mehmood
The Express tribune
January 06, 2021


A resident of Gulberg area has started a rooftop vegetable garden after a surge in vegetable prices.
With a small kinnow plant on one part of the roof, there is a small variety of flowers in the garden as well, which are spreading their beautiful colours.

Abdul Majeed has grown seasonal vegetables and flowers in the rooftop garden of his three-storey, five-marla house.

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Holland: Rooftop Villages

See video interview here.

Gardens and Social Space

In chapter six of Rooftopics, Léon van Geest talks to Laurens van der Wal (architect) and Renée Rooijmans (cultural antropologist) about exploring living on rooftops. They are the initiators of what will be the first rooftop village, on top of De Kroon, a former industrial building in Rotterdam-West. How do they see the future of city living? And what challenges did Renée face when she got the chance to live on the Hofbogen rooftop for a year? Discover this, and much more, in this interview.

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India: How to Grow 63 Varieties of Vegetables on Your Terrace Using a Few Buckets & Fish

Since 2016, Pune-based Sameer has been growing vegetables using aquaponics, and has experimented with different kinds of fish to refine his technique

By Himanshu Nitnaware
Better India
Dec 28, 2020


Sameer says the vegetables grown on the upper tub, while the fish live in another tub installed below. The water from the lower tub is pumped upwards to water the plants, which again drains down into the lower tub for recycling.

Sameer has experimented with different types of fish to refine his technique. These include the catfish, guppy, rohu, katla, and koi. “Koi helps yield the highest amount of produce, but is expensive,” he says. Apart from fish, the entrepreneur-turned-farmer has also worked on methods to balance the water and nutrition content for the plants.

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Singapore: Urban farms – Get up close to a beehive and sip on farm-to-table drinks on rooftop

The Sundowner founder Clarence Chua, 37, with red dwarf honey bees at his urban farm atop a Siglap shophouse on Nov 8, 2020.St Photo: Kevin Lim

The Sundowner Rooftop Farm Experience

By Clara Lock
Straits Times
Dec 21, 2020


From behind a netted hood, we watch as Mr Chua explains bee behaviour, such as huddling together when they sense rain so as to protect the comb, or fanning their wings at the entrance of a hive to regulate the temperature within.

A honey-tasting session opens our eyes to the tastes, textures and colours of honey from around the world, from the warm, caramel notes of blue gum from Australia, to the woody and resinous dark amber pine honey from the Mediterranean.

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This Belgium start-up allows anyone to become an urban farmer

Rooftop agriculture: Peas&Love’s first Brussels urban farm.
Image: Peas&Love

The company’s “Peas for all” programme makes 5% of the space on its farms available to educational projects and local associations to help more people reconnect to nature.

By Douglas Broom
We Forum
Dec 14, 2020


Scheepers started Peas&Love after using vertical growing techniques to overcome his earlier gardening setbacks. It now has three urban farms in Brussels and five in Paris where anyone can rent an allotment for about $40 a month.

All of the farming work is taken care of by the company, and members are alerted by an app when it’s time to harvest the produce. Each 4m square vegetable garden is divided into two halves: one for the sole use of the subscriber and the other to grow crops that will be shared by all members.

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Hong Kong: Day in the Life: Urban Farmer

Pol tends to the farm.

Pol Fàbrega came to Hong Kong in 2012, and in 2015 co-founded Rooftop Republic, a social enterprise that promotes sustainable living through building and managing urban farms in Hong Kong and the Greater Bay Area.

By Ken Wu
The Style Sheet
30 July 2020



‘I wake up around eight, have an espresso and some fruit, and head to Dream Impact, the co-working space our Rooftop Republic team uses. We have around ten full-time employees, along with ten to fifteen farmers that work with.

A typical morning might include meetings with the marketing team, sales team and project teams to go over what we need to do that week. I do a lot of the sales and business development, so I’m in constant contact with potential clients who are interested in creating urban farms on their properties. We’ve recently set up a project at a clubhouse, which is going to be used by their restaurant’s kitchen, so the morning might include a site visit to check on a project like this.

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