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Community Farming with Children in Bangalore, India


The children were first shown how to loosen the soil and clearing it of stones

Organic Conversations blog
Dec. 2010


For the last couple of weeks, some of us at the Bangalore Terrace Gardens (BTG) group had been discussing the possibility of community farming with children and today we finally made a start.

It was interesting to watch the children in such a setting. They were keen to help, yet unsure of how to proceed. As one mother shared, ‘ They are so eager to help then why are they being so hesitant to step on the soil or make furrows, etc?” And as we realised, it holds an important learning for us – that the disconnect between today’s children and the earth around them is so real that unless we make efforts like this to familiarise them with it, they will fail to see any connection at all.

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City Farming in Udaipur – City of Lakes, India

Charchil Jain with a small plant on terrace in Hiran Magri Scheme.

Farming In City! Farming Without A Field! Is This possible?

By Mr. Manish Jain
Udaipur Times
September 8, 2010
Mr. Manish Jain is an educationist and environmentalist. He is an active member of Swaraj University and runs Shikshantar, a community organization in Udaipur.


It is not only possible, but it is a growing movement in Udaipur. Shikshantar, a community organization, has been working with interested individuals to produce fruits and vegetables at their homes. Healthy, holistic living is rare in the city, but now a clean, self-sustaining city is possible and growing our own food is a major step in this direction.

“We have built our homes over soil and greenery, so we should grow greenery on our terraces to replace what we have destroyed,” says Vishal Singh, a zero waste consultant, who has planted many plants on his terrace near Gantaghar.

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Organic City Farm in Chandigarh, India

Flower Sherbet. The lad from Udaipur brought enthusiasm and ideas galore. Upon his suggestion we went for a neighbourhood flower gathering spree and returned to make the first batch of hibiscus sherbet.

Secret Sacred Garden

By Moonstar Kaur Doad
Urban Organic Farmer
Punjab, Chandigarh, India

Flower Sherbet

Soak 35 flowers in 1 kg lemon juice for 6 hours approximately. Squeeze the juice out with a muslin cloth and mix 1 kg powdered sugar. Voila. Ready for the summer, instant hit with friends and family.

Only job remains to return to the neighbours with small bottled sherbet, so they realise the importance of their gardens and hopefully inspire them to start sher-betting!

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Your greens in the backyard, Mumbai, India

indiakidsStudents of MET Rishikul Vidalaya gardening in their school.

Fed up with food grown with chemical fertilisers, ecologically concerned Mumbaiites are taking to terrace farming and more

Humaira Ansari reports
DNA Daily News
Mumbai, India
March 20, 2010

Food inflation, hoarding of grains, Bt brinjal… Food has dominated national headlines for quite some time now. But while most choose to whine, a few are making a choice about what lands on their plate. Some are opting for organic food, others growing their own vegetables and herbs.

Preeti Patil, 42, donned the farmer’s hat when she transformed the 3,000sqft terrace of the Mumbai Port Trust’s central kitchen into a mini-farm. The intention was to recycle the garbage generated at the canteen daily. Today, the terrace garden grows over 100 varieties of fruits, vegetables and flowers. Sugarcane, tamarind, guava, mint, banana, corn, cashew nut, orange and mustard harmoniously coexist here. Butterflies and moths only enrich the biodiversity.

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