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Bhutan: Urban agriculture flops as winter sets in

Urban agricuture: In May, the agriculture department identified 13.54 acres of private fallow land in Begana, Bebena, Changtagang, and Kabesa, which are mostly empty now.

Within eight months, 35 percent of the 22 groups have abandoned their fields.

By Choki Wangmo
December 5, 2020


The excitement of growing vegetables as an alternate source of income for the laid-off workers has gone with the long summer days.

A tour guide, Chador, recently stopped farming after his four friends left to drive taxis and start small businesses. He said that the land was initially allocated in the company’s name that couldn’t pay them. “We have resigned from the tour company we worked for.”

“Although I am interested to continue, I can’t work alone,” he said, adding that a group nearby had asked him to work in their allocated land and wanted to share the harvest but that group never came to work.

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South Africa: Meet Durban’s urban farmers

Digging in: nine of the 10-member Durban green team. (Photo: Wanda Hennig)

Durban’s green team is reaping the rewards of resourcefulness. During lockdown they became urban farmers, switching from homeless to homegrown. Friends who jeered now cheer.

By Wanda Hennig
Daily Maverick
4 December 2020


Meet “Durban’s green team”, which is the name this spirited collective of “urban farmers” – as they get a palpable kick out of calling themselves – have adopted. The idea to plant veggies was conceived during the first week of intense Covid-19 lockdown back in March 2020.

Before that some of them were living on the street. Others found themselves homeless when displaced by the ramifications of coronavirus.

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