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Australia: Design firm calls on developers to include food spaces

“Urban farms and food hubs promote a localised food system that is not only sustainable but powered by and for the people, fostering a sense of community and encouraging Australians to be more self-sufficient, healthy, and empowered food citizens,” Ms Simpson said.

Good Fruit and Vegetables
Nov 16, 2020


THE “urban farm” continues to grow in popularity and necessity on the back of concern over food shortages.

That’s according to a design consultancy firm which is calling for developers to turn unused land into fruit and vegetable production spaces, in the hopes of incorporating localised food systems into communities.

Urban design and planning business, Hatch RobertsDay has backed one of its Queensland-based senior urban designers, Catherine Simpson, to see what can be done in the space.

Ms Simpson is a director of Brisbane Food City, a collaborative, community-led initiative consisting of several agriculture experts.

RobertsDay contributed to the Brisbane Food City initiative during its early stages.

The idea reimagines Brisbane as a sustainable, localised food system, bringing food production to 190 Brisbane suburbs through farms and hubs by 2050.

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