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Canada: When the pandemic hit, I started growing my own food. Now I’ve turned it into a small business

Jon Cleveland in his ‘bunker’ — a basement space where he grows greens for salad mixes. (Submitted by Jon Cleveland)

A survivalist mindset evolved into a way to provide fresh, local greens to Montrealers

By Jon Cleveland
CBC News
Jan 18, 2021


With a focus on short supply lines for local, fresh food I decided to start a company called BunkerGreens. The name comes from the basement where I grow the greens being similar to an underground bunker, but also because my family farm is named Bunker Hill Farm, after the family that lived there for over 100 years.

This company produces fresh salad mixes that are harvested and sold directly to consumers through the site

With the help of a course and consulting sessions from Chris Thoreau in Vancouver (a longtime microgreens business owner) I have been developing my growing system to try and be an example of what local food production could be. This, of course, comes with quick calls back home to the folks for advice and support. My father being a retired electrician hasn’t hurt either.

This, combined with a young entrepreneur support organization, Futurpreneur, that loaned me funds and provided me with a great business mentor, has enabled me to have all the right people in my corner. My longtime friend and all around amazing designer/illustrator Hicham Illoussamen has also been there to help me develop my brand and image in the marketplace.

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