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Hong Kong: The cost of a rooftop farm

Rooftop Conservation Farm: Suitable for crops: such as vegetables, melon, beans, herbs, tomatoes, cherry radish, sweet potatoes, potatoes

Excerpt from Blogspot page:

Rental including : Watering; about 80% of soil fill up in the planting box; available free seeds for choice, learning video shared on facebook group.

Type A planting 2 boxes Monthly rental: $400

Size about (60cmx90cmx35cm), soil depth 18cm

Type B small-sized planting area: $750 per month,

Including four A type planting box.

Type C large-sized planting area: $1400 per month,

Including nine A type planting box.

Fertilizer and soil are sold:

Bone meal 2KG Pack: $50 | Chicken Manure 2KG Pack: $50 | camellia seeds 2KG Pack: $50 |

Rent a Melon scaffolding for $100 a year

Farm opening hours, 8:00-20:00 every day throughout year and would be closed when there is Typhoon signal No.3 or above is hoisted.

Link here.


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