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Human energy can heal us and defeat climate change

These four modes also can curtail two major and related sources of greenhouse gas emissions: motorized transport and carbonized industrial agriculture: Walking, Bicycling, Active transit and Urban Agriculture

By Mark Cramer
Jan 3, 2020


Urban agriculture works in synergy with pollution-free transportation, reducing the food supply distance from an obscene 400-mile average to some five miles, with many city farmers bicycling produce to the local farmers’ market.

Visionary municipalities, like Austin, Texas, offer grants and landscaping items to help you create your earthwise garden.

Programs like Fleet Farming, a bike-powered, all-volunteer team of farmers in Orlando, Florida is turning wasteful lawns into mini-urban farms to boost local food production.

Consider food shopping. We gain a double advantage by walking to the market instead of driving. More frequent shopping forays for smaller amounts give us purposeful exercise and liberate us to choose heathier, less wasteful, unprocessed food options.

The ideal urban structure involves smaller supermarkets without parking lots (as in many European cities). Space occupied by parking lots expands walking distances. In denser walkable communities, we wheel our own shopping trolleys to the food market and bakery.

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