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Executive Chef on Roof Herb Garden

Shannon Walsh-Wrightson, Executive Chef at the Fairmont Waterfront Hotel in downtown Vancouver, gives Janine and I a tour of this rooftop herb garden, which has been used by the professional kitchen staff at the hotel for over 10 years. Learn how he and his fellow cooks incorporate fresh herbs and fruit from the garden into their dishes. City Farmer TV.

Link to City Farmer TV.

January 1, 2008   Comments Off on Executive Chef on Roof Herb Garden

Where The Wild Things Are


“For the past four years, Grubb has been acquainting himself with the medicinal and nutritional qualities of these plants that thrive on neglect, often in poor soils, on marginal land. He is an urban forager: a student of nourishing foods that can be gathered for free in the city. On this glorious morning the weedscape looks idyllic: the hawthorn and wild roses are in flower and birds are singing in the tree tops.”

Link to article “Where The Wild Things Are”.

Link to website “Eat The Suburbs”.

December 24, 2007   Comments Off on Where The Wild Things Are