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UK: ‘They thought I was completely dotty’ Prince Charles says ‘no one wanted to know’ when he began talking about environmental issues in 1970s

He said: ‘I’ve been talking to quite a lot of the First Nations leaders in Canada over the last year, and it’s high time we paid more attention to their wisdom, and the wisdom of indigenous communities and First Nations people all around the world.

By James Robinson
Daily Mailonline
29 December 2020


During the interview, conducted by award-winning writer Ms Atwood, Prince Charles also hit out at ‘conventional’ intensive farming methods and said farmers who pollute the environment should be made to pay.

The royal heir, who for the last 35-years has owned a 1,000 acre organic farm in Gloucestershire, said the overuse of chemicals, growth hormones and antibiotics in beef production, as well as an over-reliance on mono-culture cropping systems in agriculture, is damaging the environment.

He called for a ‘polluter pay system’ for farmers – something he believes will ‘get us on the right track’.

He said: ‘The reason that I was drawn to it (organic farming) was really because mounting concern about what I thought was the overuse of chemicals and artificial fertiliser, made from fossil fuels, the over use of antibiotics, the overuse of growth promoting hormones in beef production and the overuse of mono-culture cropping systems.

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